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  Angelboy   Southpaw  

Hey all, Iím Angelboy.  Iím a Computer Networking student (yes, we can write as well as fix computers and networks, or so Iím told.)  As with Southpaw, this is my first webcomic, but I have read hundreds of them for nearly a decade.  Over this time Iíve wondered about starting my own webcomic.  I finally got my chance when I met, and convinced Southpaw on the idea - she rules, doesnít she folks?  Other than that I canít think if more to say, so now I just want to say enjoy the art, oh and the story too I guess.


Hi, Iím Southpaw.  Iím a chemical engineering student (yeah, yeahÖ engineers, not artistsÖ at least I can try, right?).  This is my first webcomic, but Iíve done a lot of observing the last few years.  Since I started reading other webcomics, Iíve been wondering what it would be like to do one, so I guess I have my chance nowÖ gotta thank Angelboy for the story Ė youíre awesome!  I love watching anime, so be prepared for some of that to show through, too.  I guess thatís whatís relevant, so all thatís left now is to thank you, the readers.  Enjoy the story!