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The Elemental mages control the natural elements of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, and Darkness.  Occasionally mages in this realm will focus on a particular specialty growing stronger in that field while letting the others weaken.  In training mages of this realm will often be made to go the entire day without doing anything normally, instead they have to find out magical means of doing the most basic of tasks, this is normally performed under the instructors careful supervision with breaks every few hours to rest and recuperation from the magical drain.


The Psion realm of magic revolves around the body, the mind, and the spirit.  Mages of this realm often have strong beliefs in the powers of a higher being and are devout in their followings of their beliefs or they believe that intelligence is the most valuable resource.  This field of magic is divided into the three main components of humans, those being the mind, the body, and the spirit.  The mind’s sub-realm gives the mage power to influence the perceptions and functions of other people’s thoughts, as well as a view of those thoughts.  The body includes the powers of healing, meditation, and increasing key features of other people’s bodies; such as endurance, intelligence, strength, for a limited amount of time.  (Half hour to two hours depending on the mages’ strength in magic)  The Spirit gives the mage the powers of prophecy, communication with the dead, and aura sight; among others.


The Transfiguration realm of magic focuses on becoming something else.  Along with changing shapes into other beings, the Transfiguration mages can also become other objects; examples ropes, chairs, brick wall.  They can also give to others the properties of other objects, like diamond skin, speed of cheetah, hawk’s eye, feather weight.  The limits of this field are that the mages have to have seen the object at least once before and they can only hold the spell’s effects for an hour to two hours depending on energy expended on the spell.